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Indulge in our decadent Coconut Toffee cookie, lovingly crafted with homemade toffee that exudes a rich, buttery flavor. Each bite is a delightful harmony of nutty coconut and sweet creamy toffee, placed atop a brown butter cookie base that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s then filled with generous layers of luxurious chocolate that complement the flavors of the toffee. For that extra crunch, our Coconut Toffee cookie is topped off with tantalizing toffee chunks and toasted coconut. 

Coconut Toffee

SKU: CKInd000003
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  • This cookie features rich chocolate and toffee chunks, paired with toasted coconut, offering a harmonious blend of sweet, crunchy, and nutty flavors in every delectable bite

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